Online Tickets for Sports

StateChamps lets you offer an online option to your community members who would like to buy tickets ahead of a game, or need to pay for those tickets with a credit card.

Our service is FREE to schools: a small convenience fee is charged to ticket buyers for each transaction to cover the cost of the service.

After buying their ticket online, fans download the StateChamps app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, and their tickets automatically download to their mobile device.

Tickets for High School Activities

By offering an online option for community members to pay for high school activities or fees, administrators remove the hassle of cash and check handling.

Booster Clubs Benefit from StateChamps Online Ticketing

With StateChamps, online transactions via all major credit cards are fully auditable, completely secure, and safe.

Share and Tear Ticket Redemption Technology

SHARE AND TEAR™ is our patent-pending technology that gives schools all of the benefits of online ticketing WITHOUT ANY ADDED HASSLE OR COST associated with ticket scanning.

Custom Printed Tickets

Schools that sign up to use StateChamps for online ticketing are eligible to receive full color, custom printed tickets free of charge.  Our clients call them “Next-Level.”

FanFocus Social Media Support

With FanFocus, the StateChamps marketing team will create, publish, and manage online advertisements for your school across leading social and digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat.

Upgrade to a Digital All-Sports Pass

Thanks to our Share and Tear™ technology, our Digital All-Sports Pass gives your fans full access to your school’s sporting events. With one single ticket on the StateChamps app, a fan needs to only show their phone and have their electronic ticket “torn” at the gate to access any variety of athletic events.

Season Tickets

Season Tickets lock in your die-hard fans and community members, and can guarantee them access to an entire season’s worth of athletics in one sport. With one transaction, fans can secure their favorite seats to all home games, which are then electronically delivered and secured within the StateChamps app.