Share and Tear™ Technology

SHARE AND TEAR™ is our patent-pending technology that gives schools all of the benefits of online ticketing WITHOUT ANY ADDED HASSLE OR COST associated with ticket scanning. Here’s how it works:

First, fans go online to buy tickets.

They can go to on their mobile device or PC, open the StateChamps app, or call our toll free line at 1-844-50-CHAMPS (1-844-502-4267).

After the purchase is complete,

fans click a link in the order confirmation email to download the free StateChamps app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play to their mobile phone. If they’ve purchased tickets directly through the StateChamps app, they will be automatically redirected to their new event tickets.

At the gate:

the fan simply presents their mobile phone to the gate attendant, who DIGITALLY “TEARS” the ticket. The process is so simple, NO ADDITIONAL TRAINING is needed!

share and tear™


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