The video below will give you a quick overview of SHARE AND TEAR™ Technology and services StateChamps offers. Scroll down to see testimonials from our clients.


Marmion Dambrino, Director of Athletics and UIL Activities

– Houston Independent School District (ISD)

Houston ISD Athletics

“I would recommend StateChamps to Athletic Directors, schools, school districts, or any venue needing to sell tickets for events.  By the ticket being in the phone, it allows the customer to have the ticket right in their hand which makes the flow at the gate more time efficient.  People do not like to stand in long lines at the ticket booth and StateChamps process is so customer friendly our crowds loved the process.

At first,  I was concerned we would have to purchase the tickets, scanners, internet service, and other features that would impact my budget, this did not cost us a dime and was successful.

The StateChamps team promoted our events through social media platforms and got our fans excited and aware of upcoming events which gave us more time to prepare in other areas for the event.”


StateChamps Client Testimonials:

Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association


Colin Fegeley, Athletic Director

– Green Hope High School, Cary, NC

StateChamps Client Testimonials

“State Champs has revolutionized how Green Hope sells season ticket passes to our families. The technology is cutting edge and our community loves the simplicity of having tickets on their phones. State Champs customer service is top-notch and working with them has been a breeze. I would recommend this company to any school looking to upgrade how they sell tickets.”


StateChamps Client Testimonials:

Michigan High School Athletic Association



Darren Howard, Athletic Director

Sarah Miller, Athletic Secretary

– Oswego High School, IL

StateChamps Client Testimonials

“We have been very impressed with the ease of the State Champs system.  It is easy to use and many parents have been very happy with the ability to purchase online as well as share tickets with others.  Such a great ticketing system that we will continue to use.”


StateChamps Client Testimonials:

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association

StateChamps Client Testimonials:

Erie High School, Erie, CO



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