StateChamps offers several high-powered ticketing options for your program. All-Sports Passes, Season Tickets, and Ticket Packages enable you to offer a high level of convenience and “cool-factor” to your fans, while easing administrative workload.

All-Sports Passes

Thanks to our Share and Tear™ technology, our All-Sports Pass gives your fans full access to your school’s sporting events. With one single ticket on the StateChamps app, a fan needs to only show their phone and have their electronic ticket “torn” at the gate to access any variety of athletic events.

StateChamps All-Sports Passes replace physical paper or plastic cards, and are a superior option. 

  • Your staff doesn’t need to physically produce or fulfill them
  • They can’t be lost or stolen
  • There’s no cost to the school
  • Our innovative technology prevents fraud related to “pass-backs” and “pass-throughs”
  • Fans love having the passes “on their phone”

“StateChamps has revolutionized how we sell all-sports passes to our families. The tech is cutting-edge and our community LOVES the simplicity of having tickets on their phones. Their customer service is top notch. I would recommend them to any school looking to upgrade how they sell tickets.”

– Colin Fegeley, Athletic Director at Green Hope High School in Cary, NC

Season Tickets with StateChamps

Season Tickets lock in your die-hard fans and community members, and can guarantee them access to an entire season’s worth of athletics in one sport. With one transaction, fans can secure their favorite seats to all home games, which are then electronically delivered and secured within the StateChamps app.

Just like the all-sports pass, fans simply show their phone at the gate and have their Share and Tear™ ticket “torn” electronically before entering the event.

With season tickets, your school can:

  • Guarantee regular attendance at athletic events
  • Remove the need for parents and fans to buy tickets over and over throughout the season
  • Let parents and fans choose their own seats during reserved seating events

Ticket Packages

Ticket Packages offer your fans the most flexibility in attending a season’s athletic events. With Season Packages, fans can pick and choose the dates that they know they’ll be able to attend, and then make a single purchase to secure tickets for their selected events. Later, they can purchase more tickets if their schedules change.

If they’re unable to attend an event, parents and fans can easily share their purchased tickets via Share and Tear™.