how much does StateChamps cost?

StateChamps is FREE to high schools

No cost to sign up, no long-term contracts, and we’ll even provide your school with free printed tickets for the entirety of the school year.

How does this work? In order to cover the cost of the service, StateChamps includes a convenience fee of $1 +5% of the ticket price to the ticket buyer for each transaction.

Besides individual event tickets, the most common items sold online through StateChamps are:

Schools receive the FULL face value of the tickets. Payments are made weekly via check or ACH deposit, depending on what your business office prefers or requires.

At any time, you can visit your administrator portal and view updated financial reports, even in real-time leading up to an event.

To learn more about how to get started with StateChamps, please visit our How It Works or Frequently Asked Questions pages.