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accept credit card payments

Thanks to StateChamps, high schools can now accept credit card payments from students and community members. By offering an online option to purchase tickets or pay fees, parents can send your school payment from home, without needing to worry about cash or checks making it to the right location.

Administrators can see financial reports online 24/7, and payments are made to the school weekly via check or direct deposit. Our software makes it easy to keep track of transactions, and shows sales reports in real-time leading up to an event.

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By combining office or in-person sales with an online option, you have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience and raise significantly more money. Instead of needing to rely on parents or community members coming to the school with cash or a checkbook, you can send out links via email or social media. Payments can be made online and from the convenience of home.

For fundraisers, it’s easy to list different kinds of items, or different levels of donations for patrons to choose from.

After a ticket purchase to a fundraiser, tickets are downloaded to users’ mobile device. Thanks to StateChamps’ SHARE AND TEAR™ Technology, admission staff can simply swipe their finger across the device’s screen to “tear” and redeem the ticket.

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School Dances

Last fall, one of our client schools offered tickets to both their homecoming football game and their corresponding homecoming dance, including a combination ticket that offered admission to both events. SIX HUNDRED students bought tickets online, and of those over 250 bought the combination ticket!

By making it easier for students and parents to buy tickets to school dances, you free up time and resources for your school staff who can then devote their time to other tasks. At the dance, students simply present their mobile phones or are checked off of the event guest list, and they’re in.

Fine Arts Presentations

Very often, performing arts events like drama productions or band concerts happen in an auditorium setting, where schools have access a seating setup that allows for reserved seating. With StateChamps’ seatPOWER technology, patrons to these events can buy tickets to arts events just like they might in a performing arts center or concert hall.

high school activities

Seat selection, tiered pricing, and advance ticket sales can take high school productions to the next level, making fine arts productions more available to the community and easier to manage for administrators.

The video below highlights an event hosted by Erie High School in Colorado, which used exclusive online ticket sales to host its musical fundraiser for senior scholarships.


With reserved seating, graduation also becomes as easy as buying a ticket for a concert or drama production. Parents, family, and friends can select their seats for the special day online. All we need is a seating chart for your school’s venue, and our support team will handle the rest.

AP Test and Other Test Registration

More and more of our client schools are starting to collect AP registration fees through the secure and easy StateChamps online sales platform. Students and parents simply find the school listing on the StateChamps website, and go through the straightforward process of signing up for a test just like they would buy a ticket to a school event.

Then, on the day of the event, your school staff can print out one report to see which students paid online. By switching to online AP registration, you can remove hassle and paperwork for your accounting staff, meaning no more cash or checks needing to be filed and documented.

Field Trip Fees

Gone are the days of permission slips and checks: StateChamps lets you collect field trip fees, and can include any waiver or disclaimer language required by your school, state, or district.

Simple language can state that by purchasing a ticket online, the family agrees to any and all terms in the waiver language, and can receive an email including that language for their reference.

Now, individual teachers won’t need to collect monies and then hand them off to accounting staff, who then have to process those checks. Instead, all registration information can be found in one place, and StateChamps can offer direct deposit or mail the school a check for the within the week.

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