Frequently Asked Questions – Schools

StateChamps enables high schools nationwide to easily sell tickets online and accept credit cards. Simple, powerful, secure, online ticketing for high schools.

  • How do schools get set up? What information is needed?

    We work to complement your current ticket options by selling tickets online for you. All we need to get started is the schedule of events that you wish to sell online. From there, we’ll work with you to hammer out the details for specific events. 

    You can fill out the form located here, or call us toll free at 1-844-50 CHAMPS (1-844-502-4267).

  • How and when are schools paid?

    Schools are paid weekly for any events that occurred the previous week. Schools can be paid by check or ACH (Direct Deposit). 

  • How do fans get their tickets?

    Digital tickets are delivered directly to the app on the fan’s smartphone. After completing the purchase, fans are directed to download the app. Check out this video.

  • How do fans get the App?

    Fans can download the FREE State Champs app with SHARE AND TEAR™  Technology from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

  • Can I scan the tickets? How?

    We’ve found that most high schools lack the equipment (scanners) and infrastructure (WiFi) to scan tickets, so we developed SHARE AND TEAR™  technology to enable these schools to redeem tickets without the hassle that comes with scanning.

    However, if you DO want to scan tickets, we have multiple options available, from free iOS and Android Apps to support for industry standard ticket scanners.

  • How long does it take to set up?

    We can have you completely set up as a new client within 2-3 business days.

  • What type of activities do you offer tickets for?

    We can do everything

    Athletic events

    Season Tickets or All-Sport Passes

    Fine Arts and Drama performances

    Prom or Homecoming Dances


    In other words, if you currently offer tickets for any event or activity, StateChamps can help.

    Need a brief summary of activities we can host? Enter your information below to download a PDF to share with your staff.

  • Can do reserved or assigned seating?

    You bet! Just provide a seating chart when we set you up!

  • What is the cost to the school?

    There is no cost to the school for initial setup or for selling tickets. Your school gets paid the full face value of all tickets sold online. For a limited time, we can even provide free paper tickets for your events. You can view our full pricing information here.

  • How does StateChamps make money?

    There is a simple convenience fee that is charged to fans at checkout. We can show these fees separately, or set the ticket price to be “all-in” with the fee bundled into the ticket price. From our 15+ years’ experience with online tickets, we find that fans are more than happy to pay a small fee for the convenience of buying in advance and paying with their credit/debit card. Those who don’t value that convenience can still buy at the gate.

  • Do you provide printed paper tickets as well?

    Yes, we provide full color, foil embossed custom tickets. For a limited time, we provide those tickets at no charge to our partner schools.

  • Why should schools sell tickets online using StateChamps?

    StateChamps uses patent-pending technology BUILT for schools. Tickets are delivered digitally to the fan’s phone and “torn” on-screen at the gate. StateChamps is free to schools, has no long-term contracts, and requires no scanning equipment or training!

Additional questions or concerns? Send us an email at, or give us a call at 844-50-CHAMPS (502-4267).

Need a brief summary of our FAQ’s? Enter your information below to download a one-page PDF to share with your staff.