3 Things Athletic Directors Need From Their Digital Ticketing Provider

September 25, 2017 at 8:30 am. 

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There are several features or deliverables that your department NEEDS to receive from its digital ticketing provider. Those include:

  1. Reliable financial reports
  2. Good communication channels
  3. Orientation

Reliable Financial Reports

Good reporting is a pretty standardized industry practice, and every digital ticketing provider should be able to send you detailed reports about sales, attendance and payouts. For your business office’s accounting needs, these reports need to be easy to read and easily accessible.

Digital ticketing works to reduce fraud and other risk factors from cash handling, so transparency in reporting is key. If a company cannot easily provide reports, or you cannot easily access them through your digital ticket platform, that should be a red flag for your department.

Besides fulfilling requirements for your business office, reports can also be valuable for your department to learn more about your fans’ buying behavior. For example, how far in advance of an event are people buying? Are they home fans or visiting fans? How many people bought as a family vs. individuals?

That data can help you market your events effectively, and can help you better sell tickets to maximize your income.

Good Communication

Many digital ticketing companies have assigned staff members who are available to help you with questions, concerns, or edits to your existing setup. Those staff members are available via email, phone, sometimes even text, depending on the urgency of your situation.

As event organizers, we know that last-minute issues come up in high school athletics, whether it’s rescheduling because of weather, or a venue change. Your digital ticket provider must have an effective way for you to make changes, even after business hours.

That can happen in a number of ways: the company might have support staff that you can call, and who can help you with changes. Additionally, the company might have an administrator portal or login that will allow you to make manual edits from your computer or phone.

Either way, be sure to ask about what happens after business hours, and how you can quickly make changes to an event.

digital ticketing


Digital tickets are a new thing in high schools, and ADs and administrators shouldn’t be winging it when it comes to hosting events and relying on new technology. Your digital ticketing company should offer you best practices, suggestions, and even personalized attention to help you educate your school about the opportunity to buy tickets online.

For example, the StateChamps territory directors and support team work with new clients to get them up to speed on best practices for selling tickets online, and send them resources to get them started. Many other digital ticket companies do the same – it’s just good customer service.

If you’re starting to work with a digital ticket company and you aren’t getting any information or how-to’s, that might be a warning that you won’t be getting much support throughout the year either.

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As VP of Sales, Tom Bowen’s focus and philosophy to the customer base is to help build the best possible solutions for their needs while providing the utmost in customer satisfaction. Tom has lived all over the United States, now calling Birmingham, AL home, where enjoys time with family, watching and playing sports and helping others.