Thanks to our Share and Tear™ technology, our Digital All-Sports Pass gives your fans full access to your school’s sporting events. With one single ticket on the StateChamps app, a fan needs to only show their phone and have their electronic ticket “torn” at the gate to access any variety of athletic events.

A StateChamps Digital All-Sports Pass replaces physical paper or plastic cards, and is a superior option. 

  • Your staff doesn’t need to physically produce or fulfill them
  • They can’t be lost or stolen
  • There’s no cost to the school
  • Our innovative technology prevents fraud related to “pass-backs” and “pass-throughs”
  • Fans love having the passes “on their phone”

“StateChamps has revolutionized how we sell all-sports passes to our families. The tech is cutting-edge and our community LOVES the simplicity of having tickets on their phones. Their customer service is top notch. I would recommend them to any school looking to upgrade how they sell tickets.”

all-sports pass

– Colin Fegeley, Athletic Director at Green Hope High School in Cary, NC


Read more about why digital all-sports passes are the right choice for your athletics here.


all-sports pass