Booster Club Activities over the Summer

May 17, 2017 at 12:00 pm. 

booster club activities

The summer months offer lots of opportunities for booster clubs to grow, plan, and prepare their school community for the hustle and bustle that will return once school starts. If your booster club currently closes up shop over the summer, take a look at some of our booster club activities that help boosters maximize their summertime work.

Summer Meetings

Having at least one or two meetings over the summer gives booster members a chance to:

  1. Reflect on the previous year
  2. Brainstorm new ideas or approaches to the upcoming year
  3. Put concrete ideas down on paper for consideration or action

If you look up and suddenly you realize school starts in two weeks, the booster club may find itself behind on planning and organization for the start of school activities!

In terms of setting strong goals for the upcoming school year, the summer is a critical time to try and get feedback from anyone and everyone who wants to contribute to the booster club. A great way to collect that feedback might be through something like a Google form that is emailed out to the members of the club.

With a form or other kind of info request, members can reply at their convenience. We all know that just because kids have vacation doesn’t mean that parents are on vacation too. In fact, they now have that much more responsibility to take care of their kids!

So even if some parents aren’t able to attend the few summer meetings, forms allow them to offer their input or suggestions for the rest of the club to talk about.

Marketing the Booster Club Over the Summer

While school may start in the fall, rising high school freshmen and other student groups will be actively engaged over the summer in preparation for fall activities. That means that potential new members or volunteers for the club will be receiving information from the school. Plus, they’ll be on the lookout for other relevant information about their child and involvement opportunities.

If your booster club has some design elements (like a logo or other materials), make sure to let parents see you actively recruiting and engaging the athletic community over the summer. A few easy ways to make your club visible:

  • Post athletic recap pictures, videos, slideshows from the previous athletic year on social media
    • Make sure to get permission from parents and athletes first!!
  • Bumper stickers
  • One or two “socials” where members of the club from the previous year and any interested people are able to meet and catch up

(We borrowed this portion from our article that includes 5 Ways to Increase Booster Club Membership)

Summer Camps

Summertime means kids are out of school (and parents are looking for ways to keep them busy and supervised). MANY schools include summer camps as a part of their booster club activities. This helps the community by providing valuable, fun and productive childcare over the summer.

Most booster clubs who help to host these summer camps do so after some extensive planning with the administration. You’ll need waivers and other liability forms, permission to use school facilities, and then staff (usually coaches and teachers from the school) who can run the camps themselves.

But by creating this opportunity for parents, you can show your community that your organization is there to support them. In exchange for camp fees (which will be required in order to pay for utilities, food, staff, and miscellaneous expenses), parents will have access to a program where their kids can practice sports, get some exercise, and have fun with friends.

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