Basketball Tournament Tickets: How Online Tickets Positively Impact the Community

September 20, 2017 at 10:00 am. 

basketball tournament tickets

Basketball brings people together. Especially during big games or tournaments, people bring their families out to see great playing and have fun. One of the best ways to make events like these accessible to members of the school community and local community is to offer an online option for buying basketball tournament tickets. Having hosted several big basketball events, we’ve seen examples of how the community benefits from online tickets firsthand.

Online Tickets Make it Easier for Parents of Basketball Players

When teams make it to the playoffs, they typically travel to different venues to compete. That means that parents of those players have to step up and make sure athletes get where they need to be on time, and from there they can figure out parking, tickets, seating, eating, and everything else about the day. Those parents will probably be at the venue for a long time.

By offering an online option for tickets before gameday, you give those parents the opportunity to remove tasks from their tournament checklist and save them time and stress.

Instead of hurrying to the competition venue and then running around trying to figure out where they need to be to get tickets and see the game, they can arrive, park, and then walk in to the event by simply presenting their smartphone. That’s it!

Now, parents have time to find their seats, get settled, and enjoy seeing their sons or daughters compete.

Depending on the way tickets are structured, you can even offer different bundles that might include concessions. This helps those parents secure some dinner for themselves and any players’ younger siblings.

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Better Event Awareness and Available Information

In Chicago, basketball tournaments attract local community members who come out to see quality playing on the court and support the schools. Marketing for an event like this works through the usual channels:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing from participating schools and their families
  • Some social media posts
  • Some local newspaper or radio mentions

What’s missing is the ability to send interested fans to a website where they can find all the information they’ll need and buy their tickets at their convenience, prior to the event.

When a professional basketball team plays at their stadium, they don’t limit ticket sales. When was the last time a pro team said the only way to get tickets was at their box office during business hours, or on the night of the game (cash only)?

The pros know that people like to research the game, learn about parking and other information, and buy the ticket at their convenience WITH A CREDIT CARD. That’s how the 2016-2017 Chicago Boys State Championship went, thanks to StateChamps’ partnership with the Chicago Public School system.

Digital Tickets Reduce Gameday Traffic Jams

Digital tickets come in several different shapes and sizes, and knowing the difference will help you make a better choice in what kind of event support you need. StateChamps has built software that makes it very simple for fans and gate staff to redeem tickets to a game.

Our Share and Tear™ technology requires no internet connection at the venue, no scanning apps or equipment, and lets fans send tickets to one another if they’re arriving separately. The redemption process is as simple as swiping a finger across a phone screen:

With this technology, traffic for big games moves much more quickly, so there aren’t long lines leading out the door. Gate staff needs no training. Plus, you remove the problem of people arriving at different times or having trouble printing tickets. They simply have a better experience getting into the event.

At the end of the day, the positives of offering tickets online really add up. Especially when a service like ours comes with a variety of features at different pricing levels, to fit any school’s needs.

If you haven’t already, check out our event summaries from three of our bigger basketball events hosted in 2016-2017:

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