Digital All-Sports Passes: 3 Reasons Plastic Cards are Obsolete

April 28, 2017 at 9:00 am. 

all-sports passes

Right now, hundreds of schools across the country offer All-Sports Passes to their program’s events. All-Sports Passes are intended for parents and regular fans who attend many games during a season, and prefer to make one purchase that gives them access to the games while also supporting the school. Parents who attend a lot of events prefer the all sports or all season pass, as it’s more convenient. All-Sports passes are attractive to schools because it enables the schools to recognize ticket revenue earlier in the year.

Yet as popular as All-Sports Passes are, they can be a source of frustration as well.

the physical cards are a problem

In the past, the designs for an all-sports pass might have been a laminated plastic card, or a paper punch card that school staff could verify as authentic before a fan could be admitted to a game. Creation and replacement of cards were the responsibility of school staff.

Over the course of a season, athletic directors tell us these cards often get lost, stolen, or destroyed. Parents get frustrated when they have to come into the school for replacements. Of course, this costs administrative staff more time, effort, and money as well.

cash transactions present additional difficulties

Since the sales of All-Sports Passes often involves cash transactions, there is an increased risk for theft, and additional exposure for the school from handling cash. Sandra Englund, President and Founder of estimates that over $1 million is stolen from school booster clubs and fundraisers each year. Our research estimates a $12 million yearly cash leakage in high school athletics ticket sales alone.

Additionally, cash transactions are just less convenient than credit card transactions. They have to happen in-person, and most people just don’t carry large sums of cash anymore. With over 16 years in the online ticketing business, we can definitively say that people are willing to pay a premium for convenience. Furthermore, an easier purchase process can actually help boost sales.

digital all-sports passes

mobile device trends make digital passes preferable

Data from 2016 mobile device usage reports show that usage of smartphones to access apps rose over 110% from 2015 to 2016. And of that rising usage, the top performing apps were applications that directly improved booster clubsor reflected people’s everyday tasks. Some of those apps included popular apps like Waze, FitBit, and Uber, which provide information or services that mirror lifestyle needs or choices.

What does this indicate? As technology gets better and better, people are more and more willing to use their smartphone in ways that positively impact their daily lives. And that includes downloading apps that they will use on a regular basis.

Enter the Digital All-Sports Pass. From a user standpoint, having a digital pass that exists on their phone (which they have at all times) solves the problem of carrying a paper or plastic pass around. It’s one less piece of ID to worry about, and parents can know that their children can’t lose a digital pass that exists on their phone.

existing options for digital all-sports passes

Right now, StateChamps is the industry leader in mobile ticketing and online purchase technology. As of May 2017, no other ticketing company has the ability to provide fraud-proof digital all-sports passes at no cost to high schools.

all-sports passesThe technology powering that security and freedom from fraud is a patent-pending design called SHARE AND TEAR™. With SHARE AND TEAR™, tickets can be purchased online, via smartphone, or via the company’s toll-free U.S.-based call center.

The tickets are then delivered to an app on the ticket purchaser’s smartphone. Tickets can then be transferred, or “shared” to family members’ and friends’ smartphones through the app.

As pictured, staff only needs to swipe their finger across the screen in order to “tear” and redeem the ticket.

In March of 2017, Athletic Management Magazine awarded StateChamps a gold medal in their “Excellence in Innovation” awards for “Promotion, Sponsorship, and Fundraising,” the highest recognition possible in the category.

On the award, Athletic Management explained that StateChamps’ SHARE AND TEAR™ ticket redemption technology solves “the number one reason high schools haven’t historically sold tickets online: ticket scanners.”

By combining powerful mobile technology with great customer service, StateChamps is able to deliver a service that no other company can offer.

If you’d like to know more about StateChamps and the ability for your school to use all-sports passes, you can click here.

StateChamps’ online ticketing services come with printed tickets and a variety of support features.

Eric is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of StateChamps. He makes magic, every single day.